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Morph Vision



Morph Vision
A fragrance that is based on a particular element, the Litsea Cubeba, a Vietnamese plant defined by the locals as an “elixir of the smile”. The inhabitants of the place, in fact, cultivate it and prepare with it ointments renowned for their neurovegetative effects. Who breathes he odor released by this plant has the feeling of reaching a high level of relaxation, a balance of calm. Legend has it that this perfume has the power to connect with angels.

The olfactory pyramid
Top Notes: Bitter Orange, Iris.
Heart Notes: Litsea Cubeba, Vetiver.
Base Notes: Ambergris, Cashmeran.

The elixir of the smile
A fragrance of the aromatic and amber group. A perfume that covers the chosen spirits, the purest and truest souls.





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